Islamic Books About Death and Hereafter

Death is a fact of life which everyone has to face and at the same time the Muslim belief about afterlife is also a fact. According to the Quran, people who do good deeds in life will go to heaven, whereas sinners will be sent to hell in the afterlife. However, there are a number of fine lines which distinguish the right from the wrong and the good from the bad. Therefore, any good and practicing Muslim can learn about the various factors impacting the eternal life after death from a number of well written  Islamic   books  about Death and hereafter.

While there are numerous  Islamic   books  written by well versed authors, there are certain  books  which do not contain very accurate information about Death and afterlife. It is important to select  Islamic   books  which are not only authentic and well researched, but also have accurate references to the Quran and Hadith. Here is a list of some of the popular and well written  Islamic   books  about Death, Doomsday and afterlife to guide Muslims to lead lives which will imminently lead them to Heaven in the everlasting life.

What Leads to Hell: Written by Dr. Abdul karim Awad, this is one of the bestselling  Islamic   books  which take an in-depth account of the deeds of Muslims which inevitably lead them down the road to Hell. It gives an understanding of the things to avoid during life in order to save your souls from the ever burning fire of hell in the afterlife.

Rewards and Punishments for Human Deeds: Written by the famous  Islamic   books  author, Shaykh Ashraf Ali Thanwi, this  book  is divided in four major sections each dealing with a different topic related to Death and the afterlife. Initially written in Urdu under the title “Jaza al-Amaal”, it was later translated in English to reach the millions of Muslims worldwide.

Life in al-Barzakh: This is the fourth part of the  Islamic   books  series titled “The inevitable journey”. Written by Muhammad Al Jibaly, this  book  leads the reader through the final stages of the soul beginning from the moment of death. It tells its reader about the soul’s trip to heavens, the punishments in the grave, the differences which will be encountered by the sinners and the pious and the things which will benefit the soul.

These and other  books  related to the process of Death, the funeral methods, preparing for Death beforehand by doing good deeds and learning about the Day of final judgment, all help Muslims to lead their lives in a way which will not only help them here, but will prepare them for the Day when they will appear before Allah.

How Authors Can Benefit From Visiting Book Fairs

It is one of the main book fairs which take place each year for professionals in the book trade alongside Book Expo in New York, Frankfurt and the Bologna Children’s Book Fair. There are also many smaller yet worthwhile book fairs and exhibitions internationally.

Many authors wonder if it is worth attending these trade fairs and many commentators say that it isn’t. My view is that it can be a valuable experience if you approach it with the right mindset. You also need to plan your visit well in advance and wear sensible shoes in the knowledge that you’ll be on your feet for most of the day!

It is important to be realistic when thinking through a book fair visit, especially if you have a vision of meeting agents and editors to present your book to them. Most publishing professionals will have filled their schedule of 30 minute meetings well in advance of the fair taking place.

Having said that, serendipity can, and does, occur at book fairs.

When I was attending these events as a publisher, I remember well the number of times an author just happened to turn up at our stand when I was in between meetings. On some of those occasions, I did engage in impromptu conversations about new projects, and although it was rare, some of those spontaneous approaches did lead to us to publish the book the author had presented.

So here are 3 tips to help you benefit from attending a book fair this year:

1. Do some research to understand the basics about book fairs, set clear intentions of what you want to achieve, and plan your visit in advance. These events were created primarily for people in the industry and most professionals are there to do business with other trade insiders. Many agents and the conglomerate publishers will not be interested in the kind of spontaneous connections I described earlier. In fact, unless you have an appointment, you probably won’t be allowed in to the agent’s area which is cordoned off from the public.

However, there are many possibilities for authors who let go of unrealistic expectations and who concentrate on what is possible.

For example, you can:

• Research appropriate agents and contact them in advance to set up an appointment at the book fair

• Attend one of the increasing number of seminars being held specifically for authors to help you to get your first book published or advance your career as an established writer

• Identify publishers you may not have come across before who might be interested in your book and keep up-to-date with the ‘vibe’ in the industry.

2. Prepare appropriate materials to take with you.

Although it is unwise to count on being able to show your book ideas to anyone for the reasons I have already given, I do recommend that you take some good quality information with you just in case the opportunity does arise.

Here are my suggestions of what you should have with you. If you are writing:

• non-fiction, take a good book proposal with you plus one or two sample chapters for your book

• fiction, take a one page and a two page version of your synopsis available plus information about you as the author and ideally some marketing ideas

• an illustrated book, take some sample illustrations to show your vision of how you see the book overall.

Make sure that your contact details are securely attached to any material you might have the chance to leave with an agent or editor.

3. Remain alert to unexpected opportunities.

Alongside sensible planning, I also recommend keeping your eyes and ears open for spontaneous possibilities cropping up. You might not be able to get to see the particular agent or publisher you have targeted as being perfect for your book, but you never know who you’ll stand next to in the queue for coffee!

In such a situation, remember the importance of being able to describe your book in one compelling key sentence. That way, the person concerned can quickly make a judgment on whether further discussion is relevant or not. Finally, keeping an open mind will enable you to leave with more information, resources, contacts and opportunities for your book and to further your journey to successful published authorship – and beyond!

Dia adalah yang terakhir menghina tim

Kami punya sumber terpercaya, tahun lalu, tim dari Carrefour, karena cedera bahu dia alasan, yang menyebabkan dia kemudian dalam permainan, tidak ada cara untuk melanjutkan, justru karena cedera Carrefour, yang dipimpin, tim basket ksatria pria di yang terakhir, sangat sayangnya tidak mendapatkan kejuaraan.
M88 Taruhan Sport Setelah game kedua, tim Knights pria basket dan lawan, tim basket Toronto pria, pertempuran sengit, tim bola basket Knights pria Carrefour, dan lawan-lawannya dikhususkan ketika tidak ada pemikiran bahwa musik Fu cedera bahu, sebenarnya bertabrakan dan lawan, dan akhirnya menyebabkan cedera Carrefour, sekali lagi meningkat, bagaimanapun, dia telah mengatakan Carrefour, dampak, dan tidak memberinya terlalu banyak pengaruh .
Hanya hari ini, tim bola basket Knights pria menghadapi lawan, mereka masih tetap, dan pertandingan ini, tim basket Knights pria tidak memberikan pada keuntungan rumah.
Pada bagian akhir dari permainan, tim basket Knights pria ini Carrefour, ia berada di pemotretan pengadilan, cor total sembilan, di antaranya satu, setelah itu hanya berkontribusi untuk tim 3 poin, 4 rebound, 2 membantu hasil, diikuti oleh lebih tak terduga adalah bahwa ia mengubah tim turun.
Dari babak playoff NBA, sampai sekarang Carrefour keluar hasil, M88 salah satu yang terburuk, adalah pertandingan hari ini, dan akhirnya, tim bola basket Knights pria juga telah terpengaruh, dan tim untuk 84 dari 99 hasil, kalah lawannya.
Pada pertandingan terakhir, tim basket Cavaliers pria ini Carrefour, dia mendapatkan pekerjaan lemparan bebas dalam karirnya, berapa kali dia menembak lemparan bebas, telah terus-menerus upgrade, ia bermain total sembilan lemparan bebas skor .

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Why Urdu Islamic Books Are Treasure Chests of Sacred Knowledge

Islamic Books can be found in a number of languages including Arabic, Persian, English and Urdu. Urdu books are read by natives of the Indian subcontinent, as it is the official language of Pakistan. As this region has a Muslim majority, most Islamic books are translated for the people of this region. In addition to the translated versions, many Islamic writers have passes through time in this area, whose work is well renowned throughout the world.

Some Islamic Books authors that are famous for their written work include: Maulana Ashraf Ali Thanwi, Syed Muhammad Zakir Hussain, Muhammad Karam Shah AlAzhari, Ahmed Deen Chishti, Shah Wali ullah Dehalvi, Dr. Zakir Naik and Dr. Ghulam Murtaza. All these authors are acclaimed for their Islamic Books on various aspects of Islamic religion and the way of life preached by Islam. They have thousands of books in print and are read by readers all over the world. These famous authors are the cream of writers in Urdu language and have produced classic words for their readers that entertain and inform them.

Islamic Books in Urdu can be found in bookstores all over Pakistan as well as online at various book websites. Most famous author’s books are also available at Islamic book stores in USA and UK, as there are a large number of Urdu readers residing in those countries. In addition to books written in Pakistan and India, many scholars have translated famous Arabic Islamic Books into Urdu to reach a large target audience. These famous books include books about the advent of Islam in the Arab world, the pillars of Islam including Hajj, Fasting, Namaz, Zakat, as well as life stories of many prophets, their teaching as well as their companions and followers.

A good source to find a great collection of Islamic books in Pakistan is Urdu Bazaar. There is a large amount of book stores that carry books in this language ranging from topics about life, arts, culture, literature, history, politics and so on. This place is indeed a book heaven for books and Islamic books are no exception. Many major book stores based in Urdu Bazaar now also have online stores, providing their customers the ease of shopping from their huge inventories from the comfort of their own homes across the globe.

It would be an even bigger advantage if eBooks were available in Urdu. This would be a dream come true for Urdu lovers as they will then have access to still more books giving them a wider choice of topics and authors to choose from. As eBooks are gaining popularity in the USA and UK, many Pakistani Americans and British nationals have given words to the thoughts of producing eBooks their home language. With multi-lingual software easily available worldwide, creating eBooks in Urdu should not be a hardship at all.

Islamic Books – Reviews of Recent Bestsellers

As there are a number of  Islamic   books  being published every year, it becomes hard to select ones that are fact based and good to read from the scores available in stores. For a  book  lover like me, the most important part of reading is the selection of  books  that I read in order to get something informative, well written and not repetitive. For this very reason, I always end up doing more research about recent  books  before I go to buy one. Here is little compilation of the most popular  Islamic   books  in the recent times that were interesting to read!

“No god but God: The Origins, Evolution, and Future of Islam” by Reza Aslan

This was one of the well researched  Islamic   books  that I read recently. Written by Aslan, it described a little bit of the pre Islam Arab world, leading to the life and teaching of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH). It also gives an insight of the spread of Islam to the eastern world and the Sufi methods of teachings. Even though this  book  was factual, it was written in a fun to read and easy to understand manner that proved to be an interesting read.

“The Name of the Named” by Sheikh Tosun Bayrak

Another one of the great  Islamic   books ; it gives an insight about the 99 names of Allah swt and their meanings and significance. For Muslim readers this  book  is a great inspiration to view the numerous attributes of Allah, whereas the non Muslim reader can also gain a lot from reading this  book  in terms of learning about the magnanimous and divine qualities of Allah. Another great aspect of this  book  is the author’s explanation of how to utilize these different names to have an impact on the souls of the people.

“What is Sufism?” by Martin Lings

Amongst the various  Islamic   books  of Sufism, this Martin Lings work tends to stand out and shine. As Martin Lings is a specialist of  Islamic  Culture, his work is thoroughly well researched and introduces the world of mysticism to the reader from the beginner’s level. It answers questions that the reader might have about what the Sufi’s believed in and what they preached. It is one of the truly well written  Islamic   books  about the topic that leaves the readers intrigued and satisfied about Sufism at the same time!

After reading  Islamic   books  for over a decade, it has become clear to me that not all writers can do justice to the subject matter, and it is best to read these  books  with an open mind in order to get understand the basic point of view of the authors. The  Islamic   books  that reach the bestselling lists of the popular  book  reviews are most frequently the ones that are worth reading, but sometimes you also find a treasure buried in the heaps of  books  lying around unnoticed!

The Hyperborean Mythos, The Lost Dark Book Of Islam

I read of it first in a journal of antiquities, the strange ‘Dark Book,’ which was said to be the draft of the first Qur’an, before it was put together some time in the mid-7th Century, but what others have now called, a strangeness of an eccentric clergy of his day, has been brought to my attention. He apparently lived a life of curiously and died in a grisly and mysterious fashion, he was the scribe of the so called ‘Lost Dark Book of Islam’, and in lack of his name we shall call him, with a capital letter, the ‘Copyist.’ It was my fortune to have access to this nameless scribe, the Copyist, to find the original editing of this so-called, ‘Lost Dark Book… ‘ was a marvel. And to my understanding only a half dozen of these books ever existed, as for the Copyist, he wrote the original (with side notes, the side notes being the most important to the discovery), and shortly his harassment and doom which overtook the scribe, -is lost to the distant past; collectors of rare literature tried to hide their copies, nameless cults mainly and the reedited notes, and other faulty translations were made of it, of all of it. Eventually, all but one of the original copies were destroyed, and that was the Copyist’s copy. And the carefully un-expurgated edition put into a safe haven for 1400-years in Syria. The volume I stumbled upon unexpurgated, had heavy leather covers, and rusty iron hasps. There have not been many possessors of this book, all others were burnet to ashes by Mohammad’s elite followers, after his death, this one hidden copy with its precious notes kept for posterity’s sake (570 – 632 A.D.)

The keeper of the scroll, spent his whole life, entire life delving into the forbidden subjects within the book, and gained entrance into the innumerable secret writings of this impenetrable book’s notes, its original manuscript notes, notes no one ever had read in its full clarity, but the keeper and me for centuries. When I read them, it was startling, yet clear in description on how it was put together, written, and by whom. Reading about its construction aroused uneasy speculations as to what it was that the Copyist feared? What dark matters for instance were contained in those unknown notes, the scribe had written to form a complete forbidden history of the unpublished manuscript, and his notes he worked unceasingly on, notes to explain which lay fern and catered all over the floor in a locked and bolted chamber, the very one he would be found dead in with marks of talon fingers of some devil’s exertion, around his throat. Certain things will never be known, but piecing the fragments together and reading what he had written, and parts that were burnt carefully kept-that had turned into purple-brown, bunched together closely uncovered the name of the Henchman assigned the task, was clarified by the copyist: the contents of the unpublished book sounds like a raving demons frenzy, and to a certain degree, an untended garden behind the house of darkness, and so I shall read a portion of it.

I shall tell it in paraphrase in the voice of the Copyist, as if left to the hideous memories of the writer, this thing of darkness, as he wrote those notes down day by day: ‘In writing the outline of the Qur’an, Agaliarept was assigned to the task not only to watch over me but to instruct me on nearly every detail, and what not to say or write or think (yes even to contemplate), by Iblis, whom told him to have me use the name of Gabriel, as God’s messenger, mediator’ in place of the Henchman’s.’ Menacing he was, and the scribe broods among this dark legend to be, what should he do? Keep hidden those notes, or destroy them? But is told nonetheless to write down the Arch Angel’s name as the voice of God to Muhammad. And to call God, Allah. But who is Allah, and Agaliarept, Henchman of Hell, Lord of five Legions, says to the Copyist: ‘Allah is Baal.’ And then he is told to make the connection with Abraham-somehow, anyway possible- (and so the line is connected between Abraham’s female servant, and her son, which is Abraham’s son as well, illegitimate one might say… which is debatable!); and to make Christ, the unpardonable sin within its first chapters should anybody of this new religion cater to the likes of him! And Mary of Jesus, to make her less than pure, thus to deny the Immaculate Conception. And it would look the lost and forgotten book, represents one of the obscurities of Lucifer’s mockery to God Almighty, to get to God Satan knows he must use man as his tool, his vessel, for it is through man he lost his standing, he blames his un-forgiveness by the Most High! For can a fly fight an eagle? And does the eagle bother with the fly? For Baal, whom dates back perhaps 9000-years was a god that did nothing, as Allah, not one visible miracle to prove himself worthy of the title ‘God’, he would be used as the prototype for Allah (for Allah, he would not be like the Jewish God or the Christian God, he would be like Baal; of no consequence, that at the end, the very end when the last words of Baal sounded, all that would remain were the gaping graves to be filled in by the uplifted hands of Lucifer, his Islamic followers… ).

I was disappointed to find the Copyist dismissing Allah as an artifact, comparatively ancient as Jericho, that he, or they were no more than a monolith of sorts, a stone statue of no consequence, equal to an archway, or an obelisk. But what an ominous name, it has taken on, with its sullen high angry tides, forsaken clouds of mystery, squalling gusts of rain and witchery.

This was for me an implication of enormous antiquity, immensely of interest, and the keeper of the book-as I had stayed with him for several days, -left the book out, exposed, and the rain came, and one morning as I woke to copy the book by taking photographs, it was rat-eaten and moldering: unaided by the keepers protection after all these centuries, he stood by the book as posed as an impregnable fortress, said: “I must spare the world of the grim tale you are about to tell them, they will miss a chance of seeing the book, of notes,” and that was that, and his mood grew steadily darker.

However little as I have learned from this, I have learned the Arabic verb is to submit, to Allah’s will, and Islam comes from the present participle of the same verb (Baal’s will which is the will of Agaliarept, and his master). One may say that Muslims have misunderstandings of Christians, but this may be false, for the Koran teaches them to be closed-minded on this matter, and arguable to the influential religion of Christianity, not to question their own, but to have the Christian question his instead (thus, what is good for the goose is not good for the gander: they live on a one-way street, figuratively speaking! is that because there is a fear they may wake up out of stupor?); as done in brainwashing.

These supernatural revelations received by Muhammad, whatever they were, he himself may have been tricked by Old Nick, as he indicated once himself; although Muhammad was astute, shrewd, cruel, vindictive to his enemies, elusive and markedly with a religious disposition. Thus, not so unlike Mormonism and Jehovah Witnesses, he created his own religion, with the help of his glittering gracious hostess, and the Henchman with his rigidly, disciplined muscular body.

#5071/2-13-2016/reedited 2-14-2016

Note: In “The Dark Book of Islam” the author has no will to slam Islam, or Muslims, but he feels the truth always has a side effect to the reader, he sees it as it possible could have been. Like the black hole, that scientists have wondered about for 100-years, as well as Gravitational Waves. We must concede historically, Islam uses the Old and New Testament, to bring credence to their book, the Qur’an. As does the Mormon Church, and the Jehovah Witness. If I were a lawyer, I’d say on the grounds of strict legal evidence, that the New and old Testaments are historically accurate, but the Qur’an, is beyond a reasonable doubt, an ancient document, of no credence, hearsay rule. No source evidence to prove its worth. Coalesce with the Old and New Testaments, to legalize the Qur’an, as true history of God’s addition to the Gospels of the New Testament, using Abraham as its scapegoat, or stooge.

How to Host a Book Launch That Doesn’t Suck

The most memorable literary event I’ve ever attended was held at an art gallery in London. I’d been a judge for some writers’ awards. It was a black tie event so everyone was dressed up to the nines.

Half-way through the evening, the doors were sealed, security guards appeared and a “surprise guest” was announced. Salman Rushdie walked in looking defiant, gave a speech, mingled, and promptly disappeared again.

It was in the early 1990s, just after he had gone into hiding. But I still remember it like it was yesterday. I can still see those canapés dusted with gold icing, the artistic bowls they were served in, and the strategically-placed minimalist sculptures. We were mesmerised even before Salman entered the room. When he did, we were blown away. The thought and planning that went into that event were phenomenal.

Equally, I’ve known of some pretty dire events. At the worst end of the scale, a multi-millionaire business author and TV personality hired a mansion in an exclusive part of London and sold tickets, promoting it as an opportunity to mix with high net worth entrepreneurs. She had a large cake made, with the cover of her book on it, and set up a “mini-bar” and a sound system.

What happened next by all accounts was a cross between a football scrum and a school disco. More people showed up than expected, and jostled with each other for space. Wine had to be served from boxes in white plastic cups. Vases were broken. The neighbours complained about the goings on next door, and the landlord was called. Of course, no permission had been given to hold an event of this scale on the premises. So everyone was asked to leave. Not quite the impression you would want to give, unless perhaps you are one of the Gallagher brothers.

Generally though, book launches tend to follow a pretty standard format whether they’re held in bookshops, libraries or galleries.

A glass of Merlot awaits you when you roll up. You stand around mingling with the great and the good for an hour. The author makes a speech thanking everyone who has helped them. A request is made for you to buy the book if you haven’t already. Half an hour later, it’s time to go home. You’ve enjoyed yourself, but there’s very little to distinguish one event from another.

So the question is: how can you host a memorable book launch that really stands out, regardless of your budget? Any author can do this if you apply the same degree of creativity that went into writing your book in the first place:

1. Find a venue that complements your book

A bookshop or library is a safe, but conventional, option. If you’re looking for something more prestigious, then pick an upmarket venue like an art gallery, a museum, or a university function room. If it’s the height of summer, then consider a BBQ in a park or garden. If you’re a speaker, then why not tie in your book launch with a talk you’re giving? If you’re a children’s author, can you hold the event in a park, a school or a zoo? If you have the resources, how about a boat, a place of historic interest or a castle? One of my clients wrote her book on her laptop while sitting in Costa’s, so it was natural for her to host a signing there. You don’t have to spend a fortune to make an impact.

2. Set the mood for the event

How can you set the mood from the moment your guests walk in? Do you want candlelight, day light, or fluorescent lighting? Will your guests drink from plastic cups or glass goblets or champagne flutes? Will you offer them Beaujolais or bubbly? Will they have cheese on cocktail sticks, or something more exotic? Will they be served on paper plates or silver platters? Will the room be decorated in bunting or photographs that tie in with your book? Roller banners, with your business logo or your book cover, are a very cost-effective way to make an impression.

3. What will your photos look like?

Imagine a photograph of yourself signing a book at your launch. Would you prefer the event to have a serious or a fun feel? Would you like attendees to wear dress suits or jeans? Should it be upmarket or informal? Is this a no-children affair or a family event? How about a theme where people wear fancy dress? If you’ve written a novel set in the 1920s, could you play jazz, serve Mint julep cocktails, and ask the women to wear flapper dresses? I remember a children’s book launch where the author dressed as a big yellow bird with stripy legs. These photographs will be around for a long time to come. You and your attendees will post them on social media and share them. How will you like to feel when you see these photos: proud and happy, or slightly awkward?

4. Determine your grand finale

A finale is essential for any book launch. Often, a speech or a reading from the author will suffice. But you can be more inventive than this. One of my clients taped copies of his book beneath the seats of 150 people who attended a property event. They had no idea until he told them to look under their seats. He then asked everyone to look at a certain word on a certain page inside their books. The person who had the book with the word highlighted in yellow won a £500 prize. The event was fun. Everyone then stood up and gave him a standing ovation.

Another author I’ve worked with enticed people to pay £65 for his book and attend his event, by offering a seminar to teach attendees how to create a successful million dollar business.

How can you surprise or wow your own audience so that you over-deliver on their expectations and they remember your event for a long time to come?

5. How can you attract the media?

A client of mine wrote an anti-evolution book and invited Ireland’s Minister for Science to launch it (though it caused such a controversy that he didn’t). “Darwin” showed up at the book launch, linking arms with a Gorilla. The author had a glass bowl filled with 15 tennis balls which he announced he would dump on the floor to see if they would arrange themselves in a perfect circle. Of course they didn’t. The author had media coverage in over 50 outlets.

Another property author held a book launch at an event near Marble Arch, in London. She held an auction that raised thousands of pounds for a shelter for homeless people, and the event had coverage in various papers including The Times.

Why were journalists interested in these events? Because they were different: they weren’t traditional book launches.

6. Your invitation should excite your attendees

Many authors send out invitations that have an undercurrent of fear and insecurity. You can almost hear the cogs whirring in their head: “What if no one comes?” They say things like: “Please bring along your friends, neighbours and anyone else you know”. What can you offer them that will make sure they’ll move other events in their diary just to be there? Strike a confident tone with your invitation: you are offering a never-to-be-repeated opportunity for a limited number of people. When the tickets are gone, they’re gone. They’d be foolish not to come. Offer more than just a book launch and set the tone of your expectations. Take for example, the author who recently held a launch at The Ritz in Mayfair, telling attendees to “dress to impress!” and bring along a business card to share with others.

7. How can you have impact and influence beyond this event?

It’s been like sales day at Harrods. People have been desperate for you to sign their books. They’ve loved your idea. But once the wine or champagne has gone, and guests start to drift away, what impact will you have? You’ve had a great event. But what can you do to ensure these people buy your future books, come to other events that you host, or want to work with you? Can you give guests a reason to sign up on your Facebook page, your blog or your newsletter? Can you hand out flyers offering them a free consultation with you? Can you ensure that everyone has your business card or contact details? I’ve had clients who have trebled their speaking engagements after publishing their book, authors who have generated weekly leads for their business several years after their launch, clients who’ve got their own magazine columns. What impact will you have?

Pay attention to all these small details and you should have a book launch that really sings!

Islam’s War Lords

How have you fed your people, do they lie?

They cry: “Peace! Peace!”

And you know it will not be!

For now the desert dragons take the skies,

Yet pale and cursed a worried world flies.

Ten thousand’s echo your decree,

To whom you wish to bend their knees–

And lift their souls unto your loveless eyes

This is hell’s work as is, in the name of Islam

You hold death’s sword up high, as you diktat:

Your conspirant Lord bleeds nations by and by.

#1365 6/2/2006

[Commentary]: The Storms of hell are present, seeping up and through the roots of the plant life we have, worldwide. It isn’t natural, it is man made, and the Arab world, Islam in particular (like it or not) is in the forefront. Terrorism funding from Egypt to Saudi Arabia, to the Palestine’s, to Syria, and all across the Middle East (Iran even Jordan has had its hand in the funds for war against the West), and now it is seeping through South America, via Cuba and Venezuela, and up through Mexico, and along the Rio Grand. It is here. When the Arab world thought they were immune to the ripple effect of terrorist since it was coming from their kind, they paid little attention to the pains, the cries of the Western world, but now that it is in their backyard, it of cause is a different story: all together. Everyone pointing fingers, but most fingers end up where they belong, in the Arab world. And they cry: why are you picking on us.

It is obvious; they are killing everyone that will not bend their knees to their God, Allah. I studied their holy book years ago with a Saudi Arabian Muslim, a friend who attended Hemline University in St. Paul, Minnesota (I would go over to the Saudi Club, across the street, play ping pong, and we’d study each others books; he of course was trying to convert me, but after watching how they live (say one thing and do another; and the anger, envy and self-righteousness they displace, with the hate they deliver), I could not, not for the life of me, see any light in their religion, thus, I was persuaded in the opposite direction, to look for another spiritual realm. Like it or not, right or wrong, people judge–not only people–but another’s religion by the way the majority acts within that religion. It can’t be helped.

Father’s Day Islamic Gifts

With father’s Day around the corner, the large majority of children are looking forward to celebrating this day with the one person in the world that they consider their hero; their father. This day holds a special place in every child’s heart, as they get a chance to show their love and respect for their fathers with gestures like giving gifts and spending quality time with them. Gift giving holds a special place in Islam as well, so father’s day is the perfect time to bestow your dad’s with Islamic gifts which have significance as well as sentiments attached to them.

A number of great Islamic gifts which are suitable to be presented to your dads include:

Islamic books: A good book always holds a special place in a person’s heart and if it comprises of a good religious topic, then there can be no better Islamic gifts than a book or a version of the Quran.

Religious CD’s: there are numerous good CD’s available with beautiful recitation and translations of the Quran. For any good practicing Muslim, these CD’s are equivalent to any amount of wealth as they can listen to the inspiring words of the Holy Quran along with understanding its meaning at any time. Due to this very reason, Islamic CD’s are very well appreciated Islamic gifts by all Muslims.

Jubbas: Muslim men love to wear jubbas as this is the type of outfit worn by their beloved Prophet Muhammad (P.B.U.H). Today there is a large variety of jubbas available at all leading Islamic stores and can be given to your father as a valuable present for father’s day this year. Jubbas are therefore great Islamic gifts for all the important father’s in your family, whether your dad, brother, husband or son.

Attars: Another fantastic gift idea for father’s day are the various attars or concentrated alcohol free perfumes, which the men are allowed to wear, even to the mosque. All Muslim men love to wear some type of attar, particularly when going to the masjid for Salah. Therefore, you can get your father’s favourite smelling attar for him in beautifully designed bottles as a gift for him.

Prayer mats and Tasbeeh: This combination is well liked and appreciated by all as they are a vital part of a Muslim’s daily routine. Every time he will stand for Salah using these gifts, he will be reminded of the beautiful children that Allah has blessed him with.

These are just a few Islamic gifts that can be given to show your love to your father. In addition, many great gift ideas are available at the numerous online Islamic stores.

A Book Review of – Best Hikes With Dogs New Hampshire and Vermont

Best Hikes With Dogs New Hampshire & Vermont

By Lisa Densmore

2005 – The Mountaineers Books

paperback 253 pages

Guidebook/New England/Hiking

Any dog loving hiker who lives in or plans to visit New Hampshire or Vermont would do well to consult this book by an Emmy award winning television producer and writer, Lisa Densmore. The author gives first hand accounts of each of the 52 trails that she writes about in this very informative guide to some of the best trails in New England.

I couldn’t think of any information that the author left out. There is an easy to use table at the beginning of the book. The Hike Summary Table covers the following subjects,

1. Hike 5 miles or less,

2. Open summit,

3. Mountain views,

4. Fire tower or viewing platform,

5. Ledges or cliffs,

6. Long ridge walk,

7. River, lake, or pond,

8. Waterfall,

9. Dog friendly shelter or campsite,

10. Good for senior dogs,

11. For fit dogs only.

The table includes all 52 trails/hikes that are covered in more detail later in the book. Along with information and tips specific to each trail, Ms. Densmore has also included lots of photos and maps. While hiking each trail she met fellow hikers with dogs and has included some of their photos as well.

Along with the description of each hike by the author who hiked each trail with her loyal companion, Bravo, a Chesapeake Bay Retriever, there are sections with information on the subject of hiking with your dog including subheadings of Getting Ready, Should Your Dog Go Hiking?, Fit For the Trail, Dog-mas, Leave No Trace, Hiker Responsibility Code, Ten Canons of Trail Etiquette, and Good Dog Sense.

The next section covers the essentials including, Gear, Canine First Aid, Wildlife Encounters, and Weather. At the end of the book, as well as an index, you’ll find a list of resources and contacts. Even if you never plan on going on a hike on any of the trails mentioned in this book, it is an interesting and fun book to read. The descriptions of the trails and the pleasures of hiking with a canine companion are a good read.

This was an easy to use guide that I found very helpful and I’m sure that if you plan on taking your dog along on your next hike, you’ll want to consult this very well thought out guide first. Definitely a four star book.