Us and European financial industry to test the waters, the block chain or industry changer

As the currency underlying technology block chain is increasingly attracting the attention of us and European financial sector. 1xbet, UBS, JPMorgan Chase and other banks have been start-related test, NASDAQ, the Australia Stock Exchange also tried smart securities trading, Canada’s Central Bank and the Netherlands Central Bank launched a digital cash development based on block chain. The industry believes that block chain is a potentially transformative technology, is expected to reshape the financial industry in the future.

Block chain is a data structure for digital books and share trading activities, the core idea is participation of each network node in the system is the whole network open book accounting, confirmed by the times entered the block record information permanent records of history, unable to make any modifications. Distributed information recorded in the General Ledger structure to ensure the tamper and traceability features, creating a “decentralized”, unbreakable network “chain of trust”.
In addressing the core of the financial industry’s credit problems, block chains and financial industries combined to create a myriad of possible.

According to Swiss silver released of block chain white paper introduced, using block chain technology, can created has not forged of cash property of digital currency, in provides directly, and clear of value transfer mechanism of while also can retained digital network of advantages; through for items provides unique, and not forged of identity and the not tampered with of its ownership records, block chain can greatly simplified tangible assets of directly transfer process, improve on its source of trust; last, in block chain in the joined full programming capacity, can created “intelligent contracts”, Not only better record financial agreement can achieve automatic execution and implementation of these agreements.

Block chains can make most types of real-time settlement of financial transactions, and simplify the clearing and settlement process, shorten settlement window, significantly reducing transaction costs and eliminating counterparty risk. In addition block chain is expected to minimize the errors that occur in the transaction process. Current United States market accounted for all trading 10% trading 1xbet need manual checking, if we adopt the block chain, many links can be “packed” into a smart contracts, so as to reduce unnecessary mistakes during the transaction, reduce the risk of human intervention. Goldman Sachs predicts, if block chain in a deal within the eco-system wide application will probably make the global transaction costs, operating expenses and capital expenditure save 11 billion-12 billion dollars a year. Block chain technology are also expected to provide more convenient “weapons”. Use the block chain, financial products and services, you can “embed” rules, which makes the system more compliance. This means that regulators could take action before the crisis and prevent crises, rather than to intervene after the crisis control trying to avoid the next crisis occurs.

Be All Set When You Experience those Unanticipated Emergencies

You have been only just having dinner with an old friend. Nothing at all may have equipped you for the crunch of a potato chip and the on the spot comprehension that you possessed a broken tooth. You aimed to survive through your day overlooking the very fact that it happened. You made it a day before the suffering launched. As much as it hurt, virtually all you can actually think of was basically just where you would obtain the cash to cover an emergency dental visit. Focusing on a blog such as can alert you to several options with regard to cash advance loans that can help you save the day in case there is an urgent situation.

One in no way knows the moment they might need emergency cash. It’s actually a great strategy to be prepared. Look for in a place in this way regarding how to find the money you’ll want to take care of the unexpected situations in life. Occasionally the particular paycheck cannot meet your needs effectively. You will have means may very well not end up being aware that you’ve. By doing a little investigation you may be well prepared in the event the car collapses, you then have a dentist emergency, your new puppy gets a severe injury, or a significant product breaks down. Being well prepared is fifty percent of the actual combat. Now it’s up to you to adhere to through on the web studying concerning quick and easy loans before you seeking them.

Quick and Easy Science Fair Projects


There are a lot of quick and easy science fair projects around these days. However, this is a kind of project that is in reality very simple, but it is also quite attractive and out of the ordinary. This particular project involves magnetism. You just need to arrange for the magnets. The rest of the items are quite easily available. Look around the house and you will find plenty of them.

The ingredients needed for performing it are as follows:

– A few toy cars – preferably four toy cars made of plastic.

– Donut magnets – get double the number of donut magnets as the number of cars that are being used. In fact, the more magnets you use, the better the results are going to be.

– Elongated cardboard case, preferably the type used to hold tubelights.

– Cellophane tape and scissors.

– Thermocol.

– Colored paper and other toys for decorating the set-up.

The first step is to find out which poles of the donut magnets are similar poles by bringing each magnet close to one magnet set as a standard. Once you have located the same pole in every donut magnet, fasten the magnets to the toy cars using cellophane tape in such a way that the same poles face outward.

Now for the tracks – make a latitudinal section of the cardboard case. Only one half shall be used for the experiment. It should have the same width as that of the toy cars, and be around a couple of meters in length. Now arrange them at a slight angle (approximately 3~5 degrees) to the horizontal plane using the thermocol. Attach a block of thermocol at the bottom as a dead end. At the top, leave around thirty centimeters of the track parallel to the horizontal plane. Line up the cars one by one. Place blocks of thermocol at regular intervals along the track in order to provide support to the entire set up. Also, make sure that the sides are vertical. Otherwise, the cars might fall over.

Now roll one car at a time to the track and release it. They will reach the bottom. However, adjacent cars would never touch due to the repulsive force created by the similar poles of the magnet, and you will observe a spring-like effect each time a car approaches the previous one.

This quick and easy science fair project can be decorated using the colored paper and toys. It illustrates the fact that the like poles of two magnets repel one another.


Islamic Divorce in New York State


Muslims residing in the State of New York are in a dual situation when it comes to the implementation of family law. On one hand, they are governed by the religious law of Islam, known as Islamic sharia, and on the other hand, the secular family law of the state of New York. To Muslims, the family law of Islam mandates that marriage and divorce among Muslims should be done in accordance with the Islamic sharia, regardless of whether they live in an Islamic or secular country. Civil divorce decrees obtained by secular courts are not recognized by Islamic sharia.

Under Islamic law, a Muslim man may marry a non-Muslim woman, whereas a Muslim woman is prohibited from marrying non-Muslim man. Under these rules, a non-Muslim woman marrying a Muslim man in compliance with Islamic sharia is subject to the rules of Islam in the areas of divorce, child custody and inheritance. In other words, a non-Muslim woman who gets married to a Muslim man in accordance with Islamic sharia, loses custody of her children in case of divorce, or in case the husband dies. Consequently, a non-Muslim woman marrying to a Muslim man is forced, under the rules of Islamic sharia, to surrender custody of her son when he reaches the age of seven, and her daughter at the age of nine. She also prohibited from inheritance. These rules are applied throughout Muslim countries with a system of sharia-based family law in place.

Marriage Contracts in Islamic Sharia

Under the rules of Islamic sharia, the marriage contract should include: (1) names and addresses of the couple; (2) name of the guardian of the bride; (3) names and addresses of two male witnesses; and (4) the amount of ‘mahr’, or a promise of money or its equivalent to be given by the husband to the bride. Like any other civil contracts, Islamic marriage contract should be in the form of offer and acceptance by the parties.

Contrary to the popular notion that mahr is dowry; it is not. A dowry is what the wife contributes to her marriage while mahr is an obligation on the husband to pay his future bride. Others call it a ‘gift’; it is not a ‘gift’ either, because mahr is an obligation on the husband and is mandated by the Quran. The Quran calls it ‘sadaq’ (Quran 4:4). If no stipulation of mahr is provided in the marriage contract, the marriage remains legal and in effect; in such a situation, the “qadi” (judge) will determine the amount of mahr, which remains a property of the wife alone. The amount of mahr can be paid partially: up-front (Arabic, muqaddam), and deferred until divorce or death of the husband (Arabic, mu’akhar), or it may be prepaid in full before the consummation of the marriage.

Legal Status of the Mahr Provision in Islamic Law

The most important feature of the mahr provision is that one party makes an offer and the other can accept or refuse to accept. It is a financial settlement between the couple in case a divorce occurs or the husband dies. Although, Muslim women do not personally bargain for the mahr agreements, and, in almost all of the divorce cases that I have seen so far, in the Middle East, Europe and the United States, Islamic marriage agreements involving mahr are negotiated by the representative (Arabic Wali) of the bride.

In the State of New York, an Islamic marriage contract involving mahr may be considered premarital agreement for a divorce settlement. In legal terms, this is called a concurrence of wills or meeting of the minds of the future husband and his future wife. This also means that each party from an objective perspective engaged in conduct manifesting their acceptance, and a contract was formed when both parties met such a requirement.

The basic rule is that a premarital contract will be interpreted and enforced in accordance with the law of the state in which it was entered into. Thus an Islamic marriage contract signed in Egypt according to the Egyptian law for example, must be interpreted according to the law of Egypt. The Restatement of the Law Second Conflict of Laws 3d, Chapter 8, Contracts, is clear about the law for the state chosen by the parties to a contract. The text of the Restatement reads: “(1) The law of the state chosen by the parties to govern their contractual rights and duties will be applied if the particular issues is one which the parties could have resolved by an explicit provision in their agreement directed to that issue.”

Looking at both academic and case studies in this area of law, this article points the reader in the direction of the current trends in the treatment of mahr in New York State and to address Islamic family law issues relevant to New York State law and the working of its legal system. The mahr provision in an Islamic marriage contract has been interpreted differently in other states. For more information on treatment of mahr in other states, the individual should seek legal advice.

Interpretation of the Mahr in New York State

Muslim men and women assert their Islamic legal rights in American family courts; as a result, Islamic sharia governing their marriages and divorces becomes an important and complicated part of the American legal landscape. This leads to a discussion of court cases involving Muslim marriage and divorce litigations in the State of New York, as well as whether New York courts will enforce the terms of Muslim marriage contracts, mainly the mahr provision.

New York courts have jurisdiction over divorce cases within its territory, with specific focus on premarital contract structured in accordance with foreign laws. And, various state courts have found no public policy prohibition in enforcing such agreements. In New York, a mahr agreement may be interpreted within the context of a contractual obligation.

In Aziz v. Aziz, the couple entered into a mahr agreement which required the payment of $5,032, with $32 advanced and $5,000 deferred until divorce. The New York court ruled that the contract conformed to New York’s contract requirements, and that “its secular terms are enforceable as a contractual obligation, notwithstanding that it was entered into as part of a religious ceremony.” (See Aziz v. Aziz, N.Y.S.2d at 124).

In this case, the husband argued that the mahr agreement provided in the Islamic marriage contract could not be enforced because it was a religious document and was not enforceable as a contract. The wife responded by stating that although the mahr is a religious stipulation; its secular terms can be properly enforced by the court. The court agreed with the wife and ordered the husband to pay the deferred mahr. The court found that the mahr agreement complied with the necessary statutory requirements to be recognized and enforceable as a premarital agreement and held that the secular terms of the mahr agreement were “enforceable as a contractual obligation, notwithstanding that it was entered into as part of a religious ceremony.” The court stated that the mahr agreed to by the couple constituted a secular debt of $5,000 and ordered the husband to fulfill the terms of the agreement.

The case was based entirely on another New York of Appeals case of Avitzur v. Avitzur involving a Jewish Ketubah in which a Jewish woman sued for specific performance to force her ex-husband to appear before a Beth Din (Jewish Court). Under Jewish Law, only a man can grant a divorce, or “Get”. Until he does, the woman cannot remarry within the Jewish faith to anybody. Her children will then be considered illegitimate. In order that a “Get” may be obtained, both husband and wife have to appear before the Beth Din. The husband refused to appear, leaving the woman in a state of marital limbo, making her an “agunah.” The New York Court of Appeals found that the Jewish ketubah constituted a valid premarital agreement that could be enforced despite the religious underpinnings of the agreement.


As the second largest religion, and with the number of Muslims immigrating to the United State on the rise, American courts are more frequently looking into Islamic divorce litigations between Muslim couples. Out of respect to Islamic law and culture, American courts attempt to apply certain provisions from Islamic sharia, such as the mahr contract in divorce cases involving Muslim couples. By doing so, American courts risk involving their arguments with gender and economic inequalities between Muslim men and women, leaving Muslim women destitute. The application of mahr agreements in Islamic divorce in the United States prevents women from exercising their rights to equitable distribution of marital assets upon divorce. If the courts need to extend their respect to Islamic law in divorce situations, they should look into whether the wife had a choice in signing the mahr agreement. Muslim women do not personally bargain for the mahr agreements, and, in almost all of the divorce cases that I have seen so far, in the Middle East, Europe and the United States, the Islamic marriage agreements involving mahr are negotiated by the representative (Arabic Wali) of the bride. Other states do not regard the mahr to be a premarital contract. Individuals seeking information on the treatment of mahr by other states should seek legal advice from a competent attorney.

DISCLAIMER: While every effort has been made to ensure the accuracy of this publication, it is not intended to provide legal advice as individual situations will differ and should be discussed with an expert and/or lawyer. For specific technical or legal advice on the information provided and related topics, please contact the author.

Republishing of this article is hereby granted by the author.


Deciding Whether or Not Obama Has Tested Himself

Inside the middle of economical crisis, Obama permitted debatable concerns to appeal private money into typically the country’s most significant banks by way of “tests” of their very own balances and also some sort of public-private account to acquire their “toxic” possessions. Obtained banks backed on their very own feet in essentially absolutely no cost for you to the authorities. Read What He Said here. The guy also ended the 1990s restriction along with formalized brand-new policy permitting gays and also lesbians in order to serve honestly in the actual military intended for the very first time.

Throughout March right before Christmas, joined the coalition regarding European and also Arab government authorities in navy action, which include naval/air blockades, towards Gaddafi routine to secure Libyan people and assist rebel men. Gaddafi’s 4 decade rule concluded when the actual dictator has been overthrown and also killed through rebels about October twenty, 2011. Simply no Americans died. In fact, this website has much more details.

About February one particular, 2011, widely called in Egyptian Hosni Mubarak to recognize reform or perhaps step aside, thus deterioration the dictator’s location and also putting the US on typically the right part of the actual Arab nation. Mubarak was over thirty-year principle when overthrown that year. Two times after getting office, Bush-era rulings were nullified, the types that possessed permitted detainees in US legal care to go through certain “enhanced” revendication approaches considered inhumane under typically the Geneva Conferences. Also published the key Bush legitimate rulings assisting the employ of these kinds of techniques.

With fresh diplomacy, unsupported claims, and policies reversed some sort of sharp decrease in planet opinion to the US (and the related loss regarding “smooth power”) throughout the actual Bush decades. From 08 to year 2011, favorable thoughts and opinions toward typically the US went up within ten regarding fifteen international locations surveyed, using an typical increase associated with 26 pct.While part associated with the the year of 2010 health attention reform costs, signed calculate ending typically the wasteful decades-old exercise involving subsidizing financial institutions to supply college financial loans. Just click here to Read More.

Starting June 2010 just about all students started getting their own federal pupil loans straight from the particular federal govt. Treasury may save $64 billion more than ten many years, $35 billion of which usually will get to growing Pell Awards to low-income students. Using funds via stimulus, started out $4.3 billion software of competing grants in order to encourage along with reward claims for training. Released fresh fuel productivity standards inside 2011 that will will practically double the actual fuel overall economy for automobiles and vehicles by 2025. Go to this official site for more information.

Books For 2 Year Olds


It’s never too early to introduce children to books. I am a huge fan of buying books for kids and there are some fabulous books to choose from. Books are a great way to teach children and they encourage a love of reading too. Here’s my list of 5 books for 2 year olds that I love:

  1. The Gruffalo by Julia Donaldson – This is a very popular book and with good reason. It’s the story of a clever mouse that spins a yarn about a scary creature called a Gruffalo. But the mouse soon realises that the Gruffalo is real. The mouse then needs to rely on his quick wit to deal with the situation.
  2. Little Owl Lost by Chris Haughton – A baby owl falls out of his nest and goes looking for his mummy. He meets other animals who all try to help him. This is a very sweet little story brought to life with beautiful illustrations. The style of drawing is contemporary and uses bold colours making the book a pleasure to read and to look at.
  3. Commotion in the Ocean by Giles Andreae and David Wojtowycz – Written in rhyme, this book is just a delight. It’s packed with creatures from the ocean all illustrated in bright and very colourful drawings. It’s fun to read aloud and even more fun when you do the actions of the sea creatures with your 2 year old.
  4. I Really Want to Eat a Child by Sylvianne Donnio – This book is aimed at toddlers that are fussy eaters but can be enjoyed but all toddlers. It’s a story of a baby crocodile who one fine day decides that he wants to eat a child and nothing else. His parents are full of worry because he’s not eating. It’s a lovely story and nicely illustrated, again a pleasure to read.
  5. Once upon a Potty by Alona Frankel – As the title suggests, this book is the perfect accompaniment to potty training. There is a boy and girl version so it’s suitable for all toddlers. The book is American so it refers to nappies as diapers and there are a few other American terms. But you can easily replace the necessary words and you’re left with a simple, easy to understand story about potties and what they’re used for. The illustrations are bright and eye-catching and if your toddler likes the book, it will probably encourage him to use the potty.


Recommended Personal Finance Books



Most people in today’s world work really hard to earn their bread and butter or to sustain their livelihood. Even after working so hard we do not have a lot of extra cash and so we need to efficiently manage the money we earn. However, not too many people can do so and in fact, many people end up spending their entire salaries in a short period of time, even before the month ends.

Thus, it is necessary to have a good understanding of personal finance so that we can find out better ways to manage our money and stay within our budgets every month. There are many personal finance books available in the markets that help us in doing so; these books can both be purchased online or from any bookstores. Here are few of the finance books that I have personally read and would recommend people to do so as well, to get a better grasp of personal finance:

The Richest Man in Babylon by George S. Clason

This book is about applying common sense in monetary transactions, he says that we all have this quality but we tend to forget it when it comes to money matters. The author also teaches us how to save money effectively so that we can make a good capital out of our savings and retire early in life.

Rich Dad Poor Dad by Robert T. Kiyosaki

This is a very good book which I’ve read several times. The book may seem a bit extreme in the examples but it does explain the differences in approach to maintaining finances between ‘rich people’ and ‘poor people’. The examples given in the book can be impractical at times, but they do teach you the importance of saving and investment. It also gives us an insight on how money works for some people and makes them rich.

The Total Money by Dave Ramsey

The author of this book talks about how to manage money more efficiently, and does an excellent job in teaching debt management. Here you will find many tips on how to reduce or eliminate your debts so that you don’t have to be dependent on them to live a prosperous life.

The Only Investment Guide You Will Need by Andrew Tobias

This is an essential guide on how we can invest our money. This book gives a good explanation about the world of stocks, bonds and mutual estates; it is very detailed and easy to follow.

This is a list of some of the reputed personal finance books that you can read. However, other books available on this subject may also help you to obtain more information.


Science Fair Project Ideas – Part 1


The hardest part of a science fair project may very likely be getting started. Once you have an idea in mind it is easy to formulate what experiments and research you will need to do. Until you chose a topic you do not have anything to aim toward. The science fair project is typically designed as an educational tool. This article is not designed to hand you an idea for a project. My goal is that these ideas will point you in the right direction or even give inspiration for another related idea. The three descriptions here will give you an outline, not a project; it is your job to expand on a project idea.

Idea number one: The effect of gravity on plant growth. The main focus of this idea is to see if gravity has an effect on how plants grow. Some answers will only be found through research, specifically on ‘auxin’ and ‘geotropism’. Here are two experiments that you can perform to test how plants grow in relation to gravity. Fold a paper towel down to 1.5 to 2 inch strip. Moisten the folder paper towel with water and place pinto beans spaced out on the strip. Roll up the strip of paper towel with beans and tape it to a piece of cardboard. Be sure to draw an arrow on the cardboard pointing up and put it inside a gallon zipper style baggie. Place the board in a vertical position, like against a window. Over time make note of which direction the stems and roots grow. Ask questions like, “How did the roots know to grow down?” Another experiment that can be used is to simply plant pinto beans in two different aluminum pans with potting soil. Leave on pan on a flat surface while elevating one end of the other pan. This will cause your second ‘garden’ to be on a slope or angle. As the beans grow, note the angle of the stems to the soil.

Idea number two: How is water transported through plants? The main focus of this idea is to see how water travels through a plants roots and stems. Some research key words will be ‘xylem tubes’ and ‘sap’. This basic experiment is easy but can be elaborated on. Get a bunch of celery (one bundle) from you local grocer. Be sure to select two stalks from close to the center of the bunch. After cutting off the bottom evenly with the help of an adult, place one in a cup of water (clear plastic cups may work best) and another in a cup of water turned red with food coloring. After 24 hours, dry off and observe the celery stalks. You may want to use a magnifying glass or have an adult cut a section of the stalk so you can view the cut ends. After you test the celery try using a while carnation in the same test. Another more elaborate variation is to take a white carnation and have an adult cut the stem long ways from the bottom to half way up the stem. Place one of the halves in a cup with water died red and the other half in a cup with water died blue. This will help you determine if xylem tubes are connect together or remain separate from each other.

Idea number three: How can seeds break apart rocks? The main focus of this idea is to see if the growth of plant seeds actually pushes apart a solid object. Research key words for this idea are ‘weathering’ and ‘physical weathering.’ In the experiment for this idea, you will need to fill two small disposable cups half full with plaster. (Note: be sure to not rinse plaster covered tools and bowls in a sink, as it will clog the drains.) In one you will place pinto beans into the plaster leaving half above the surface and half below the surface. The cup without pinto beans will be your ‘control’. Moisten a paper towel for each cup (not dripping) and place into the cups so that the towel is snug against the surface of the plaster. After one week remove the paper towels and begin the observation process.

These three science fair project ideas may give you a good place to start on your project. Please be sure to research each idea extensively and even create your own variations of the experiments. More ideas will follow in future articles.


Islamic Football Team in Dubai – NFL to Expand


The National Football League in the United States is currently expanding overseas, just as the World of International Soccer is growing in the US. Soon there will be a European Team in the NFL and there are secret talks right now in Dubai to produce a team there as well. The Islamic Football Team in Dubai, will soon show all the world and especially the greatest nation ever created in the History of Mankind, that the Muslim World is not weak.

The Dubai Consortium being put together now, has plenty of money to recruit the greatest athletes around the world and throughout the Middle East to put together one very hard to beat team. Is the United States of America ready to lose it’s strangle hold on Football? Can the US Football Fan handle being beaten by Dubai or a team in Europe? Football is not a hard sport to learn and the human talent needed to win is common amongst all people of the World.

Speed, agility, strength, pre-cognition and will are possessed by humans around the globe. Soon, there will be an announcement that there will be a new Islamic Football Team in Dubai, as the NFL is about to Expand. Dubai will soon have the tallest building in the world, the finest resorts and perhaps the greatest football team that has ever stepped foot on the field, playing in a World Class Stadium, and the likes of which have not been seen since the Roman Coliseum. So tell me, football fans, are you ready for that?


Buying Islamic Gifts For Eid Milad-un-Nabi


The Gregorian month of February 2010 also marks the beginning of the Islamic holy month of Rabi-ul-Aw’al. This Islamic month is a great time for rejoice and celebration as it brings the joyous occasion of the Prophet Muhammad’s (P.B.U.H.) birth along with it. Although there is no verified proof about the date, it is still celebrated in this month as it holds great religious significance for the followers of Islam.

Muslims all over the world celebrate this month with holy gathering called Milad’s and prayers for their beloved Prophet. Just as Christianity celebrates Christmas with gift giving for their loved ones, Muslims treat their friends and family with special Islamic gifts to celebrate this blessed month.

Eid Milad-un-Nabi is a sacred and pious month and is the time of the year when many Muslims hold religious gatherings in honour of the Prophet Muhammad (P.B.U.H.), so the Islamic gifts given are chosen with special care to represent the occasion and celebrate the month. The most commonly gifted items during the month of Rabi-ul-Aw’al include:

Attars: These concentrated Islamic perfumes were very special to the Prophet; therefore people appreciate this form of Islamic gifts a lot.

CD’s of Na’ats: Na’at is a form of Islamic poetry that is specifically praises the Prophet Muhammad (P.B.U.H). These Na’at CD’s are very thoughtful Islamic gifts for the fans and followers of the Prophet.

Miniature Replicas of Masjid-e-Nabvi: Small and large, all types of replicas are available of the beautiful and significant mosque in Medina, Saudi Arabia, that is one of the most visited holy monument in Islam. Receiving a replica of the mosque as Islamic gifts is highly appreciated by the followers of the Prophet Muhammad.

Islamic books about the life of Prophet Muhammad (P.B.U.H.): Another type of well received Islamic gifts includes books about the life, personality or habits of the Prophet. As all Muslims want to lead their lives according to the teachings of the Prophet, they love to read books about him to gain a better knowledge about his way of life.

Books of Quranic verses in praise of Prophet Muhammad (P.B.U.H.): Quranic verses in praise of the Prophet are known as “Darood”. There are a number of Daroods and books containing a collection of them also make suitable gifts for Eid Milad-un-Nabi.

Prayer mats with pictures of Masjid-e-Nabvi: Praying is a part of a Muslim’s life, which is practiced five times daily. Therefore prayer mats also make excellent Islamic gifts for this auspicious occasion.

These are just a few ideas, other Islamic gifts for this Eid also include authentic rose water, praying beads, jubbas, dates and other articles that were well liked and used by the Prophet himself. These gifts not only indicate the importance of this divine month and event, but also act as symbol of love between the giver and receiver.